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Top Health Officials Wage War Against NyQuil Chicken – SKCD

Top Health Officials Wage War Against NyQuil Chicken – SKCD

We no longer have a regulatory agency looking out for public health. Not only has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration been captured by the drug industry, but it’s also staffed with incompetent bird brains and politically-motivated bureaucrats to boot.

By early to mid-April 2020, about one month into the COVID-19 pandemic, critical care doctors had already figured out that the antiparasitic drug ivermectin — which has been approved for human use since 1987 and is on the World Health Organization’s “essential medicines” list — was working against the novel coronavirus.

But the FDA wasn’t interested in saving lives any way possible. It apparently decided that its primary function was to protect Big Pharma profits, and that meant making sure there were no potential COVID treatments available, as Emergency Use Authorization for the mRNA jabs could only be given if there were no other treatments.

FDA Thrilled Over Viral Horse Paste Tweet

Internal FDA emails obtained by Motherboard through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal agency officials were thrilled with the success of its derogatory “horse paste” tweet that went viral at the end of August 2021.

FDA Thrilled Over Viral Horse Paste Tweet

As reported by Vice:1

“In internal emails, supervisors with the agency’s public affairs office congratulated the author of the tweet for their ‘clever (humorous)’ approach … The tweet was authored by Brad Kimberly, the director of social media for the agency’s Office of External Affairs.

He noted in emails that the tweet quickly became the second most popular in the agency’s history, just after a significantly less humorous one back when the agency recommended a temporary pause on administering Johnson and Johnson vaccines due to reports of rare but serious blood clots …

Horse paste overtook blood clots within a couple of days, per the emails. ‘As of right now, it’s the most popular post we’ve ever had on Twitter,’ Kimberly wrote of the horse paste tweet in an August 23 email to Erica V. Jefferson, the Associate Commissioner for External Affairs with the FDA … The tweet garnered over 23 million impressions, according to data Kimberly provided in his email updates, and got the agency 11,000 new Twitter followers.”

Twitter followers and social media “likes.” This is what the FDA was concerned with, while people were dying from lack of early treatment.

Instead of doing everything they could to save lives, they pushed what we then suspected and now know was a useless “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent spread, and makes you more prone to infection, hospitalization, and death over time and with additional doses. The FDA pushed the worst possible “treatment” while high fiving each other over likes, reposts and a burgeoning social media following that bought into their misinformation.

Ivermectin Is Approved and Has Long History of Safe Use

The FDA’s tweet linked to a consumer update page2 about “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19,” which falsely insinuated that ivermectin was “not approved or authorized” by the FDA.

Missing from that statement was that the FDA had not approved it for COVID-19 specifically. Ivermectin has, in fact, been approved for human use since 1987, and has an excellent safety profile — something you wouldn’t know reading the FDA’s propaganda page.

What’s more, doctors have the legal right and ability to prescribe ANY FDA-approved drug off-label, so a drug does not need to be approved for a specific purpose, like COVID-19, to be prescribed for it. One could argue that using a veterinary formulation of ivermectin is ill advised, but the primary reason why people were resorting to ivermectin intended for livestock was because pharmacists refused to fill prescriptions for ivermectin tablets.

FDA Pushed Experimental Jab Over Safe Drug

So, what was the FDA’s treatment recommendation? You guessed it. The novel COVID jab and nothing else:3

“The most effective ways to limit the spread of COVID-19 include getting a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to you and following current CDC guidance. Talk to your health care provider about available COVID-19 vaccines and treatment options.”

How many people died because of this policy? As of mid-July 2023, the FDA-run Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) had logged 36,611 reports of death after the COVID jab, including 12 deaths of children under the age of 5 and 34 deaths of children between the ages of 5 and 12.4 The real-world numbers are at least ten times but could be up to 100 times higher than that, as vaccine injuries are notoriously underreported.

Adding insult to injury, the FDA is doing nothing to curb the death toll from these gene therapy jabs. Even as evidence of harm has stacked up, they keep looking the other way and refuse to investigate potential causation or issue warnings.

NIH Also Works Against Public Health

The National Institutes for Health (NIH) is no better. It too is captured by industry and run by unelected establishment bureaucrats that don’t answer to the people.

Back in February 2022, by then former-director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, blamed me for the government’s inability to bring the COVID pandemic to a close. In his mind, the COVID-19 deaths experienced in the U.S. were not due to the lack of appropriate treatment but, rather, our failure to get a needle into every arm.

Personally, I believe Collins was desperately trying to deflect and hide the NIH’s own involvement in the pandemic, which has gotten more and more obvious over time. As noted by Twitter user Hans Mahncke, who posted the video above of Collins singing about COVID:5

“Francis Collins is the embodiment of the establishment. As NIH head he was responsible funding reckless experiments at the Wuhan lab. When things went wrong, he treated us like toddlers.”

Collins could have supported doctors’ efforts to save lives with early treatment, but he didn’t. Instead, he sang about COVID and defamed those who shared safe and effective early treatment information. That’s his legacy.

Mental Ducks in Disarray

While the establishment claims to have dibs on truth, they’re the ones spreading misinformation, and probably so, in ways both great and small. Collins, for example, in a February 2022 Time magazine interview somehow misidentified me as the inventor of the mRNA platform, which is a pretty epic mistake. Time magazine also failed to catch the error.

The article was eventually corrected to specify that Dr. Robert Malone was the inventor of the mRNA platform, but my point is that Collins clearly didn’t even know who he was talking about, even as he was defaming me, and neither did the Times reporter.

Mainstream Media Are Major Spreaders of Misinformation

WBUR news made a similar mistake in September 2021, when it falsely claimed that I was a cofounder of America’s Frontline Doctors.6 That same month, NPR reporter Robin Young also referred to me as “the biggest disseminator of lies about COVID.”

That fabricated claim originated with a dark money-funded organization called Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and had been officially refuted and corrected by Facebook itself a month earlier. By reporting already refuted misinformation as “fact,” Young brazenly violated NPR’s journalistic ethics and accuracy guidelines.

FDA Wastes Resources on Late Warning Against Obscure Recipe

Getting back to the FDA, which seemingly can’t get anything right anymore, in late September 2022, it suddenly homed in on an obscure TikTok challenge supposedly encouraging people to cook chicken with NyQuil.7 (On a side note, I can’t help but sigh at the irony that the NBC News video about this has an ad promoting toxic aspartame as safe.)

The FDA published a warning that got massive media coverage. It even made it onto the late-night talk show circuit. The irony here is that virtually no one had ever heard of this online challenge until the FDA made it headline news across every media station in the country. As reported by Gizmodo:8

“No one was talking about NyQuil chicken until the FDA told everyone not to talk about it. The agency warned against a ‘recent’ social media trend of cooking chicken in NyQuil last week, but the bizarre recipe hadn’t been trending in months … by the amount of coverage it’s gotten, you would think that a whole swath of people had been doing this very stupid thing. But not quite.

When I first saw the news articles pop up about NyQuil chicken earlier this week, I felt a strange sense of déjà vu. This was not the first time I had heard about NyQuil chicken, and a warning from the FDA out of nowhere seemed odd.

After a bit of searching, I found that NyQuil chicken, also known as ‘sleepy chicken,’ had appeared online in 2017 on 4chan and YouTube and then again earlier this year on TikTok … there had been sporadic mentions of NyQuil chicken, but nothing close to virality …

Experts who spoke to Gizmodo were baffled by the late warning. One toxicologist summed it up: He didn’t understand the FDA’s reasoning for speaking out about NyQuil chicken now, stating that the agency has ‘bigger chickens to cook.’ ‘The timing is bizarre and seems to have only drawn more attention to NyQuil chicken rather than deterring people,’ added Dr. Ryan Marino …

Yotam Ophir, an associate professor at the University of Buffalo, told Gizmodo in an email that the FDA’s response was ‘was slow to the point of missing the train by months if not more’ … the implications of such an announcement from a government agency could be ‘massive,’ the professor pointed out.

‘What might have been a niche online curiosity is now a national buzzing story. So by the very least, it’s plausible that the FDA inadvertently exposed many new (young) audiences to the challenge … Long story short, raising the issue to national attention could backfire and lead young people to join the trend.’”

Were people cooking chicken in Nyquil in any significant numbers? Were people admitted to the hospital as a result? Apparently not.9 So, why the media blast? Didn’t the FDA have better things to do than waste time and money on publicizing a basically nonexistent threat? Kind of makes you wonder whether there was something else in the news cycle at that time that needed to be overshadowed. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

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