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Strawberries Support Cognition & Heart Health, New Research Shows – SKCD

Strawberries Support Cognition & Heart Health, New Research Shows – SKCD

There are two things to consider when applying these results. First, the study was funded by the California Strawberry Commission. While research funded by trade groups should be approached with some skepticism, it’s not necessarily unreliable. And the findings of this study are in line with existing research on the benefits of strawberries. 3

Secondly, it’s worth noting that participants ate freeze-dried strawberry powder rather than whole strawberries. This was likely so that the study could be reasonably double-blind. (If half the participants were given whole strawberries and the other half were given a powder, it would be pretty clear to the placebo group that they were given a placebo.) But while freeze-dried berries are more concentrated than whole fruits, they have a similar nutritional composition, according to USDA data4.

The powder participants ate was equivalent to about 16 large or 24 medium strawberries, about two servings1, says Maggie Moon, RD, a brain health nutrition expert and author of The MIND Diet. Moon adds that the findings could be extrapolated to eating whole strawberries because “it’s likely that it’s the polyphenols in strawberries that promote memory and cognition brain health benefits, and the levels aren’t that different in fresh versus freeze-dried berries.”

In support of the findings, Moon adds that the vitamin C content in whole berries can support immunity and help the body absorb iron from plant sources. The fiber found in berries promotes satiety and fights cholesterol, while the folate in strawberries supports neurotransmitter production.

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