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On Cloud Vs. Hoka: Which Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend? – SKCD

On Cloud Vs. Hoka: Which Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend? – SKCD

On Cloud is known for its innovative running shoes that emphasize lightweight design, responsive cushioning, and unique sole technology. The brand was founded in Switzerland in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, Caspar Coppetti, and David Allemann, who sought to create running shoes that would provide a comfortable and natural running experience. 

To this day, all products are Swiss-engineered in the On Lab, with a low carbon footprint from alternative materials. The hallmark feature of On Cloud shoes is the brand’s CloudTec technology, which involves individual pods or “clouds” integrated into the sole of the shoe. 

These clouds are designed to provide cushioning and support during both landing and push-off phases of running. When the foot strikes the ground, the clouds compress to absorb impact, and when the foot pushes off, the clouds firm up to aid in propulsion. 

What’s more, the shoes are designed to adapt to the runner’s gait and provide a responsive feel, promoting a smooth and comfortable stride.

On Cloud shoes are lightweight, which can be particularly appealing to runners who prioritize agility and a more minimalistic feel. Plus, with a range of shoe models tailored to different running preferences, terrains, and styles.

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