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Kosas Brow Pop Nano Pencil Review, Tested By 3 Beauty Editors – SKCD

Kosas Brow Pop Nano Pencil Review, Tested By 3 Beauty Editors – SKCD

The Kosas formula features similar players to the original defining pencil: soft waxes to help the pigment hold its shape and key hydrators, like castor oil and panthenol, for an easy glide. 

The biggest difference between the two products lies in the shape of the pencil. The original Brow Pop pencil has a triangle tip with a thicker side to fill in sparse brows and a thinner point for shape and definition; whereas Brow Pop Nano features an ultra-precise 1 mm pencil to create the tiniest wispy details. (In case you need a visual, it’s as tiny as the post of an earring—adorable, no?) 

And, yes, Brow Pop Nano truly does work for every brow, especially if you’re gunning for a feathery-and-fluffy natural look. “The tiny tip mimics ultra-fine hairs and details like a dream, allowing you to create realistic depth and dimension and fill in even the littlest sparse patches with complete control,” Kosas founder Sheena Zadeh-Daly tells mindbodygreen. 

That tiny tip also keeps you from over-filling or lining with a too-thick pencil, which can make the brows look chunky and drawn-on, she says. It almost has a microshading effect, which relies on small dots to fill in the brows and add depth, much like using powder to create fullness.

For someone with thick, dense brows already, “Brow Pop Nano is the perfect tool to fix any tiny details or sparse areas, rounding out the front of the brow with hair-like strokes or evening out the tail of each,” Zadeh-Daly adds. The 1 mm tip is perfect for anywhere you need to add soft detail and dimension. 

Suffice it to say, our entire beauty team fell in love. We use the tools a bit differently, you’ll see, but I’d say we all achieved our various brow goals. 

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