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Is Health Coaching Covered By Insurance? Here’s The Latest – SKCD

Is Health Coaching Covered By Insurance? Here’s The Latest – SKCD

Insurance isn’t the most straightforward topic, but the simple answer to this question is not really.

As of 2020, health coaching sessions (individual and group sessions administered by a certified coach) are considered Category III services. In insurance terminology, they are emerging services that don’t yet have enough data backing them up to warrant widespread use (compared to Category I services, which are accepted across the board). While most insurers accept Category I claims, they do not accept Category III claims under normal circumstances.

That said, Category III is a temporary designation. Once an emerging industry is granted this status, it has the green light to compile the evidence and data needed to move to Category I. Many in the field are optimistic that health coaching will soon work its way up this insurance legitimacy ladder.

For now, the best way to save some cash on your health coach sessions is to dip into your flexible spending accounts (FSA) or health savings accounts (HSA). In order to use these pretax funds, you’ll need to submit a letter of medical necessity from your primary care provider that explains why the health coaching service is needed.

You can also see a coach through a functional care provider like Parsley Health, which accepts in-network insurance for its monthly membership plan in select states (currently New York and California).

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