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Is Baking Soda Good For Your Skin? From A Dermatologist – SKCD

Is Baking Soda Good For Your Skin? From A Dermatologist – SKCD

Baking soda does have antibacterial properties1, which is why people may assume it’s safe for acne-prone skin, but the cons outweigh the pros in this situation, as dryness and irritation will likely make acne worse.

This doesn’t mean baking soda fans are necessarily lying about their glowing skin, but research doesn’t quite seem to back up the lofty claims that it will reduce wrinkles and give you a glass-like complexion. 

Even if you can tolerate baking soda on your face, Suarez says, “It still does not explain how these people look the way they do.” 

See, the amount of fine lines and depth of wrinkles you have as you age has much more to do with lifestyle factors, cumulative sun exposure, and genetics, she notes. Which is why it’s much more important to focus on those research-backed contributors than test out TikTok remedies. 

All of this being said, nobody knows your skin like you do. So if a baking soda cleanser works for you and you never experience irritation or dryness, then please, carry on. However, it’s important to remember that this simple ingredient won’t prevent your skin from aging, like many people claim online. And on that note, allow us to emphasize that it’s OK to get wrinkles as you age—it’s a natural human experience that shouldn’t be stigmatized.

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