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Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs Review, From A Marathon Runner – SKCD

Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs Review, From A Marathon Runner – SKCD

I initially tested these compression boots because I wanted to speed up my recovery while marathon training, but I honestly underestimated the impact they’d have on my performance.

To my delight, I actually run faster on the days after I use my Normatec 3 legs, so much so that I now strategically plan these recovery sessions the nights before my speed training runs.

I feel immediate relief while the boots are on (seriously, the pulsing feels incredible), and my muscles are noticeably refreshed the following day—and they really seem to help with inflammation, too. When using these boots, there’s a significant difference in how quickly I bounce back from a difficult workout or a long run.

What sets the Normatec boots apart from others I’ve tried is the pulsing technology, which the brand says enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the legs to increase circulation and reduce soreness. Fun fact: Normatec products are actually designed by doctors with input from professional athletes and sports medicine professionals.

What’s more, my recovery sessions with the Normatec 3 legs are incredibly relaxing. When I don’t opt for the longer 45-minute routines, I always find myself adding time at the end!

The best part? It’s an indulgence that’s actually good for me and saves me a ton of money on professional sports massages. And the treatment doesn’t have to be limited to your legs thanks to attachments for your hips and arms.

While they’re not the most portable recovery tool and don’t come with a carrying case, the Normatec 3 legs are more lightweight than previous models. Plus, the brand does make a more portable version for those on the go: the Normatec Go Leg Sleeves.

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