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Form Nutrition’s Superblend Protein, From A Health Editor – SKCD

Form Nutrition’s Superblend Protein, From A Health Editor – SKCD

Form Nutrition’s Superblend Protein comes in a few different flavors, but my absolute favorite is the Chocolate Salted Caramel—and yes, it tastes just like that. It’s sweet but not too sweet, thanks to the combination of stevia leaf extract and thaumatin, a protein from the African Katemfe fruit.

With a whopping 20 grams of protein, it certainly checks the box of a worthy protein supplement. For me, one smoothie with this protein powder takes care of nearly 30% of my protein intake for the day.

And we’re talking about a nearly complete amino acid profile too. The organic base utilizes pea protein with brown rice and hemp protein to create the ultimate vegan protein profile. 

But the best part is that it’s so much more than just powdered protein: This blend also contains a long list of additional nutrients at 50% of the daily value or more including vitamins D, B12, C, zinc, pantothenic acid, and more.

For those seeking even more protein per serving, consider Form’s Performance Protein—a unique blend with 30 grams of plant protein along with BCAAs to aid in muscle recovery.* This one comes in chocolate peanut, tiramisu, and vanilla, so you have even more options to work with. I’ve tried this one as well, and the tiramisu is my personal favorite.

Another lovely perk is the chic packaging that’s fully compostable, so this one is good for you and the planet. It doesn’t come with a plastic scoop like most protein powders do (for the sake of less waste), so use your measuring spoons to scoop two leveled tablespoons into your drink.

You’re probably wondering: What’s the best way to use it?

Well, I’ve landed on quite a delectable smoothie recipe, so I’ll share that here. However, I’ve definitely scooped the protein powder into a shaker bottle before and was surprised by how delicious it tasted à la carte, too. 

Nguồn bài viết : https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/form-nutritions-superblend-protein-review

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