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Best Indestructible Dog Beds | mindbodygreen – SKCD

Best Indestructible Dog Beds | mindbodygreen – SKCD

When you’re choosing a bed for your dog, comfort is probably top of mind. Every doting pet parent wants to give their furry friend a soft, cushy place to rest. However, if you have a dog that loves to chew up everything in its path, then you know that durability is equally important.

With that in mind, we took a deep dive into the realm of dog beds to uncover the most indestructible options. Whether you have a teething pup or an older, more powerful dog, these rugged sleeping solutions can withstand your canine’s teeth and claws. We put together a review of the tough materials, thoughtful designs, and sturdy construction features that make the best indestructible dog beds stand out.

Indestructible dog beds are particularly beneficial for certain dog breeds known for their strong chewing tendencies and robust energy levels. For example, German shepherds, labrador retrievers, Staffordshire bull terriers, and boxers are often considered heavy chewers due to their natural instincts, jaw strength, and boundless energy. Additionally, breeds that are prone to separation anxiety or boredom issues, such as huskies, Australian shepherds, and border collies, may also benefit from indestructible beds as they tend to exhibit destructive behaviors when left alone.

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