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A Makeup Artist’s Concealer Hack To Make Lips Look Fuller – SKCD

A Makeup Artist’s Concealer Hack To Make Lips Look Fuller – SKCD

But for a quick, low-lift, and non-invasive fix, just cheat it with concealer. 

A classic makeup artist trick is to highlight the cupid’s bow. The cupid’s bow refers to the dip in your upper lip, so that your top lip resembles a bow. Highlighting the area cheats the appearance of light and adds dimension. Think about it: Areas of the face that catch the light are the areas that are more prominent, such as the nose and cheeks. So when you create the illusion of light, it tricks the eye into thinking that the lip area is more voluminous.    

When you hear “highlight” most folks think of well, highlighter. And while you can totally use this handy makeup product to pull off the trick, highlighters are usually shiny or sparkly. For those of us who stick to a minimalist makeup look, just a light shade of concealer does the same thing. 

According to celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin, any lighter color will add that faux volume. For example: “You can use concealer in a slightly lighter color to define,” she says.

All I do is blend a very small amount of concealer on my cupid’s bow and along the top lip line. I personal love both rms Beauty UnCoverup Natural Finish Concealer and Rituel de Fille The Ethereal Veil. They’re creamy, easy to blend in, and come in a variety of shades.

After, I’ll fill in the lips with a nude-pink lip color (or whatever natural hue work for you) and a swipe of lip balm. I always opt for lip balms with fatty acids, lipids, and humectants. Personally I love those formulated with hyaluronic acid, as it can help plump up the skin, fill in fine lines, and hydrate at the same time. 

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