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A Guide To Hair Contouring: Expert Tips + Before & After Results – SKCD

A Guide To Hair Contouring: Expert Tips + Before & After Results – SKCD

You know how you might swipe a creamy contour stick across your cheekbones to create the illusion of depth and a chiseled bone structure? Well, you can effectively do the same thing with hair color. Hence the term, hair contouring. 

“Strategic highlights can transform your face shape and enhance bone structure,” says celebrity colorist and founder of Abby Haliti Color Studio, Abby Haliti. (And she would know: Haliti is a world-renowned master of French Balayage). “By using lighter highlights to accentuate specific areas and darker lowlights to add depth, you can create the illusion of well-defined contours. 

Of course, it’s not like hair color can actually transform your face shape, just as a swipe of bronzer won’t completely alter your bone structure. “However it can really enhance your features based on the placement and tone,” shares colorist Tylor Johnson, founder of Nous Haircare. 

You’ll still want to choose a color that complements your undertones—otherwise you’ll wash out and age your appearance, Johnson warns—but certain pigments can add some strategic dimension. 

For example, a hair color darker than your skin tone will create contrast in the skin, Haliti says, which adds definition to the face shape and can make certain angles appear more prominent; lighter hair colors, on the other hand, can soften those edges. 

As you can probably tell, hair contouring techniques will vary greatly from person to person—unlike makeup contouring, which involves some general guidelines. That said, you should consult a professional you trust who is well-versed in the art of light and shadow. “A skilled hairstylist who understands visual effects will know how to follow your hairline and place highlights with the right amount and weight to achieve natural movement,” says Haliti. 

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