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3 De-Stressing Tips When You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Finances – SKCD

3 De-Stressing Tips When You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Finances – SKCD

Lots of folks aren’t taught how to deal with money—not to mention the myriad emotions that come with it! Plus, stress surrounding money can feel isolating, as often people feel like they’re the only one going through it. But that’s just not true. Ask almost any financial pro and they’ll tell you: Everyone has some hang-ups around money. 

“These are hard, complex, uncomfortable feelings,” financial therapist Bari Tessler tells mbg. “So, just acknowledging that, naming it, and letting yourself know that this is a normal feeling and you’re not the only one who might feel this way—that’s where you can start.”

Now, what you do with this knowledge and acknowledgment will be dependent on your unique situation. (Financial wellness is exactly like wellness in that way: The best advice is highly personalized.) But you can’t start the journey without establishing where you’re at right now. 

If you’re someone who finds tracking helpful, you may even consider starting a money diary. “I have a very basic spreadsheet I use to allocate cash and have a system that I do on the first and the 15th of every month,” author Kelly Trach tells mbg. From there, you can add a section designated to evaluate how you feel about your purchase—was it necessary? Did it bring you joy? Or, do you regret spending money on it?

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